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DANKBOTS is an upcoming NFT drop of 7,777 profile picture icons (PFPs) living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project, which is slated to mint April 12th, brings a unique vision to the NFT space. With clean and minimalistic art, and a thesis that will change the standard for NFT projects of the future, DANKBOTS is one of the most anticipated NFT drops of 2022.

THE ART. DANKBOTS art pays homage to the incredibly dank and beautifully cultured NFT community. The result is a set of completely unique, algorithmically generated robot profile picture icons that celebrate the community’s diversity.

THE TEAM. DANKBOTS is an eight-person team of seasoned NFT Collectors, Financial Experts, Engineers, Artists & Parents, with Art & Branding led by world-renowned Architect Brendan Tadler and his design firm.

BRENDAN TADLER. With an extensive background in Luxury Retail & Residential Design, Brendan Tadler has completed projects all over the world. He is distinguished by his unwavering adherence to detail, with subtleties that create designs with the purity of a nun. Brendan is a well-known collector of physical art as well NFT art. He is passionate about the NFT community and excited for the world to realize the true value of the art. Brendan believes digital art will become one of the most valuable assets of the future.

ROADMAP. As a team and community, we have the opportunity to participate in building the culture and infrastructure for Web 3.0. The metaverse is a frequent topic of discussion. What should facades and spaces look like in the metaverse? These things should be a departure from what we see in our everyday lives. They are meant to be something far greater, completely new yet naturally intuitive.

As a thank you to our earliest supporters for believing in DANKBOTS, we are developing a rewards system for the DANKBOTS community post mint. Not only will DANKBOT collectors earn rewards for holding their NFTs, but they will then be able to use these rewards to mint limited edition metaverse gear for sporting at one of our properties in Decentraland, Worldwide Webb Land, or Pavia, and purchase IRL merch for living in the physical world.

Check out our Roadmap V1 below.

ESTIMATED DROP DATE: March 31, 2022 at 6PM EST

SOCIAL: Discord | Twitter | TikTok | Linktr.ee | Instagram


DANKBOTS is a new NFT collection of robot profile pictures on the Ethereum blockchain that celebrate the community’s diversity. Join our Discord