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eBoy 1 of 1

DANKBOTS — a PFP project of algorithmically generated Block Shaped Bots living on the Ethereum blockchain — is already one of the most anticipated NFT drops of 2022, minting Tuesday April 12th.

With a muted palette and clean, minimalist art, DANKBOTS has caught the eye of leading NFT artist, JACK BUTCHER, who referred to the art as “classy”. The minimalist refreshing aesthetics alone are not the only element drawing such immense interest in the upcoming NFT drop.

Founder of DANKBOTS, BRENDAN TADLER says “The artists involved believe in our thesis for the Fine Art Community and our future plans for the project. We support emerging artists by collecting their work, funding their projects, and collabs to support a higher level of Art for the NFT community. We are looking to provide the opportunity for new artists to be found, supported, and celebrated with access to leading artists in the space. A collaborative community for both emerging and established artists.”

Sharing the belief that the best outcomes are from open discourse and collaboration, DANKBOTS places an emphasis on working together, supporting camaraderie and community, and the spirit of empowerment within the NFT Art world. On a mission to educate the broader community of PFP enthusiasts and collectors about NFT Fine Art and Artists, DANKBOTS has put together partnerships with some of the most influential and respected names in the space. The result is a World Class roster of artists and cultural icons collaborating with DANKBOTS. Each artist has put their own spin on a DANKBOT, creating highly-sought after 1 of 1s that will be incorporated in the upcoming mint. Notable names include, MR. OIZO, NICOLAS SASSOON, EBOY, PIXELORD, JACK BUTCHER (VISUALIZEVALUE) and ROZWELL. See below for the full list of collaborating artists.

Not only do these collaborations enrich the project, but they enrich the community of artists too. By elevating more fine art in the marketplace and leading by example, DANKBOTS inspires and encourages a more supportive future. With a focus on collaboration and education, DANKBOTS will prove to be a pivotal project in setting new standards for NFT PFPs.

Full list of the Iconic Collaborations involved in DANKBOTS genesis drop:

MR OIZO. Quentin Dupieux. Born in 1974 in Paris. At age 12 he began creating short films and music. By 19, he sold a short film to a French TV channel, and by 23 a campaign for Levi’s with his iconic character Flat Eric and the classic electronic hit Flat Beat. He has written, directed, shot, and edited 10 feature films — 5 in the US, 5 in France, all featured major film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Sitges, Venice, AFI, to name a few) — 7 studio albums and an incalculable number of EPs and remixes. Oizo jumped into the NFT scene a year ago, still alive, kicking and inspiring.

NICOLAS SASSOON. A Franco-Canadian artist using early computer graphics to create a wide array of pixelated forms & figures, moiré patterns & architectural structures. This focus on early computer graphics is driven by the sculptural, material and pictorial qualities of this imagery, as well as its limitations and its poetics. Over the last decade, Nicolas has often engaged in cross-disciplinary projects online (Computers Club, Wallpapers, Signals), in electronic music (New Forms Festival), fashion (Balenciaga, UNIQLO, Wings & Horns), and contemporary art. His work has been exhibited in numerous art institutions, including the Whitney Museum of American Art (US), Vancouver Art Gallery (CA), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), Centre Pompidou (FR), House of Electronic Art Basel (SW), MU Eindhoven (NL), Chronus Art Center (CN), the Berlin Fashion Week (DE) and the New-York Fashion Week (US).

EBOY. A pixel art group founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. Their complex illustrations have been made into posters, shirts, and souvenirs, and displayed in gallery exhibitions. eBoy is based in Berlin and Los Angeles.

PIXELORD. Futuristic audiovisual artist. Founder of @nft_gm NFT and @coolkeysnft

JACK BUTCHER / VISUALIZE VALUE. The genius behind @visualizevalue. With 67 unique collectors and 79 NFTs sold, Jack is currently the 11th highest ranking creator on Foundation of all time and remains in the top 100 list for the past 30 days at the time of writing.

COCO MAGNUSSON. Swedish visual artist based in Berlin, works interdisciplinary with a focus on image making through drawing, animation, comics, CGI, tattooing, and other media.

PUMPAMETTI. Pumpametti is an artist focusing on art brut to document the crypto culture and its raw energy, the artist deconstructs art motifs and forces a sense of confrontation.

FRANCOISE GAMMA. Francoise Gamma is a digitally embodied entity using the internet to draw animated GIFS. Its work has appeared on Kanye West’s blog, in solo exhibitions and around all WWW.

DUSKO. Dakota Blue (DUSKO) is a musician & illustrator, born and raised in LA. He’s the creator of Dusko, a surreal satirical graphic novel series and NFT project.

RUS1AN. Creator @vitamintsnft

ROZWELL. Recording Artist. Songwriter & producer: A leading figure in the NFT Community, working with Disc & Sticker since 2018

THE BONEYS. Causing trouble and having fun. The Boneys is a CC0 NFT project of “666 Randomly generated bags of bones” that, similar to DANKBOTS, pays homage to Nouns Dao.

NOCELLCOVERAGE. Focused on the emergence of technology and the human relationship with the natural world, NOCELLCOVERAGE is an up-and-coming artist who has already amassed a sizable following on Foundation.

KRENSKIY. Inflatable Duck Master.

MYZY. Based in Seoul, Korea. World To World. Memory To Memory

ELNA FREDERICK. Specializing in vintage internet art




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